You’ve just had a roof repair job, or you’ve just had a brand-new roof installed. So, you are shocked to find that some of those new shingles have blown off the roof, leaving unsightly gaps. Did your roofer do a bad job? Maybe. But, it’s also possible that your roofer did everything right and the wind has unexpectedly robbed you of a few shingles anyway.

Here’s what you should do if your new shingles have fallen off or appear to be coming loose. We’ll also discuss when to let the original roofer fix it, and when you should be seeking a second opinion.

Why Have My New Shingles Blown Off?

Roofers nail shingles in place, but nails are not the main thing holding your shingles to the roof. Modern asphalt shingles have an adhesive on their back that glues them onto the shingle beneath them and to the roof.

These adhesives are only activated after they spend a few hours in the sun. If they were active immediately, applying shingles would be like trying to get a bunch of stickers to line up perfectly, which is challenging and would result in poorer quality roofs.

Your shingles may have blown off because the wind picked up before the shingle sealant fully activated. This might happen if the weather was unexpectedly overcast or windy. Typically, if a roofer knows it will be windy in the 24-48 hours after they install shingles, they will install the shingles according to the manufacturer’s “High Wind Application” instructions. Even this may not be enough in the worst winds.

How Will a Roofer Fix My Missing Shingles?

Is the roof damaged, will it leak? Typically, there’s no need to contact your insurance or make a complaint if you’ve caught the missing shingles before a rain. Let your roofer know that some shingles blew off, and they will come to fix them.

Roofers are aware of this relatively common problem with new roofs and should be happy to drop by and replace the shingles that have fallen off. They’ll bring a new bundle of shingles, as the shingles that blew off may have been damaged in the process. Once the new shingles seal up, your roof will withstand future windstorms much better.

When to Get a Second Opinion

While an unexpected gust of wind is often the result when a skilled, patient roofer’s new shingles blow off, it’s not always the problem. There are many other reasons your new shingles could blow off, and if you spot one, it may be time to get a second roofer to look at your roof. Here are the warning signs:

  • Shingles aren’t laying flat: Unless it is very cold (and the shingles are stiff), new shingles should lay flat. If they don’t, they may be propped up by under-driven nails beneath them. This can cause shingles to come loose.
  • Nails are too deep: Nails may also be driven too deeply into the shingles. When they are, the whole head of the nail may puncture through the shingle. It, therefore, can’t hold the shingle in place, which may cause it to blow off.

If you have any questions about the workmanship on your roof, you should ask the original roofer. If you’re unsatisfied with the answer, it’s time to get a second opinion on why your new shingles fell off your roof.