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Trying to find a roofer in Manteca that you can trust to be reliable and offer fair prices? You’ve found them. At Kelly Roofing we provide a full range of roofing services, and go out of our way to make sure the job is done correctly. We’re fully licensed, bonded and part of exclusive roofing programs, so you can trust us with anything from a simple roof repair to a complete roof replacement.

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Roof Repair

Getting small, regular repairs to your roof is the secret to keeping it in good condition for the long run, and in preventing a complete roof replacement. If your roof needs a repair, it’s critical that you get quick service, from professionals who care to do the job right.

Choose Kelly Roofing for your repairs because:

  • We arrive quickly and offer free on-site quotes you can trust
  • We travel with the equipment we need, so we don’t waste time on the road
  • We treat you with respect and clean up our mess when we’re done
  • We can handle any type of roof repair job
  • We’re all fully trained, licensed and insured
our team did a small repair on this roof
a reroofing is in progress for this house

Reroofing in Manteca

Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. The team you choose to do your reroofing job is important, as their quality of work will either help the roof last for decades, or cut its life short. At Kelly Roofing we believe in offering you a range of roof materials, so you can choose what’s right for you. We install shingle, metal, shake and tile roofing, to high standards.

Choose Kelly Roofing for your new roof because:

  • We are certified Master Shingle Applicators with CertainTeed
  • We offer 4 and 5 star CertainTeed Integrity roof system warranties
  • We offer maintenance packages to protect your investment in your roof
  • We’re honest about pricing and can help you afford a new roof

Why Check Your Roof Gutters?

In Manteca, rain is rare, but powerful when it does arrive. Gutters that are poorly connected, bent, or were installed incorrectly in the first place, can cause damage. Leaking gutters can damage your roof, landscaping and the rest of your home. Water damage spreads quickly and can rot out wood. Spots where there are large gutter leaks will dig holes into your grass and gardens. It’s always cheaper to get leaks fixed than it is to repair your home’s siding, gardens, or structure.

Your gutters need to be in top condition to handle heavy rains. Before the rainy season arrives, have us inspect and maintain your gutters, repairing holes. Or, if your gutter system is in disrepair, we can install a new system for you.

Work with Kelly Roofing to Get the Right Roof For You

At Kelly Roofing, we treat your roof and your home like our own. That’s why we offer a range of roofing materials and some of the best warranties in the business. We’re flexible with our options, so we can cater to your unique roof. Choose Kelly Roofing as your roofer in Manteca.

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