6 Signs Your Roof is Failing

When your roof is failing and nearing the end of its lifespan, it will begin to need frequent repairs. Soon, you’ll need to replace the whole roof anyway, so it’s more cost-effective to simply do the re-roof right away, and save yourself the additional money of the repairs. However, it’s hard for homeowners to know [...]

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Fall Checklist for Your Roof

Your roof needs three main things before winter arrives: gutter cleaning, a roof inspection, and a ventilation check-up. Follow this fall roof checklist to ensure your roof is ready for the incoming rain and snow. 1. Gutter and Roof Cleaning Both your gutters and the surface of your roof can collect debris, like pine needles [...]

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What Roof Styles are Popular in California?

What roof styles are popular in California? The golden state has some unique roofing needs. Our unique home styles and generally lighter palette match with roof materials that wouldn’t look right in other climates. Plus, our roofs have to contend with extreme sun, so they have to be durable. Here’s our guide to which materials [...]

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Can I Walk on my Roof?

There are many reasons you might want to walk on your roof, from hanging Christmas lights to looking for the source of a leak. However, you should avoid walking on your roof whenever possible. There are safety and insurance issues your risk by stepping on your own roof. Also, you could damage your shingles or [...]

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Does Bird Poop Damage My Roof?

While it may be pleasant to have some bird singing near your home or your property, it is not great for your roof. Bird poop can damage your roof and shorten its lifespan. Plus, birds tend to leave behind nests and other debris that may also damage your roof. Why Does Bird Poop Damage Your [...]

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