Is Moss on the Roof a Problem?

Some roofs, called green roofs, are specially designed to house moss and other plants. But, if you live in a typical home with a shingle roof, you don’t have a green roof. Or you shouldn’t, which means any moss you find growing on your roof could be a problem. We’ll discuss how moss damages your [...]

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Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

A light dusting of snow may make your neighbourhood look like a miniature Christmas scene in a snow globe. It’s delightful unless there is a lot of it. Major snowstorms may drop so much snow that you question the stability of your roof. Should you remove snow from your roof? Snow removal companies may say [...]

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Is Your Chimney Ready for Santa?

Your chimney is an important part of your home’s architecture all year round, but over the holidays, it takes on special importance. Your chimney and fireplace are symbols of your home’s warmth and family tradition. Of course, they are also Santa’s way into your home. However, a chimney also deals with special stress during winter, [...]

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