Open vs. Closed Roof Valley: Which Should You Choose?

The roof valley is the dip where two roof planes meet. There are a handful of ways to install shingles on a roof valley. Each creates a different look and may have different performance benefits. When it comes to your roof, which valley style should you choose? We’ll explain your options, which valleys we typically [...]

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7 Ways Trees Can Damage Your Roof

An oak, palm or Magnolia tree can add a lot of character to a yard, but they can be harmful to your roof. If you don’t manage your trees, you may end up with damaged shingles or, worse, a tree through your roof. Here are all of the ways a tree can damage your roof [...]

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5 Ways to Clean Gutters and Remove Leaves

Have you noticed there is a lot of leaves and other debris in your gutters? It’s best to get this all cleaned up before the wet season when the debris could create a gutter clog and other roof problems. Though few people enjoy this chore, there are a few ways to clean your gutter quickly [...]

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6 Signs Your Roof is Failing

When your roof is failing and nearing the end of its lifespan, it will begin to need frequent repairs. Soon, you’ll need to replace the whole roof anyway, so it’s more cost-effective to simply do the re-roof right away, and save yourself the additional money of the repairs. However, it’s hard for homeowners to know [...]

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Fall Checklist for Your Roof

Your roof needs three main things before winter arrives: gutter cleaning, a roof inspection, and a ventilation check-up. Follow this fall roof checklist to ensure your roof is ready for the incoming rain and snow. 1. Gutter and Roof Cleaning Both your gutters and the surface of your roof can collect debris, like pine needles [...]

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