Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

It seems more and more homeowners in Northern California are installing solar panels on their roof to help reduce their impact on the environment and get some relief from the high cost of energy. California even offers some incentive programs that can reduce the high initial costs of solar panels. Even with so much savings [...]

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Rain Gutters

Gutters aren’t a one-size-fits all house accessory. You have more options to keep your gutters in working order than you think. Gutter size, accessories, even a change in your downspouts can make your gutters much simpler to deal with in the future, and even make your home’s exterior look complete. 1. You Can Get Rain [...]

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Roof Maintenance Myths

All roofs need some kind of maintenance, whether they’re shingle roofs on homes or roll roofing on flat commercial roofs. Keeping up with that maintenance will prevent you from having leaks in the future. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating around keeping homeowners and building owners from following-up on the maintenance their roof [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to Kelly Roofing with this graphic. Are you considering investing in a metal roof? Metal roofing has come a long way, but it comes with a few distinct pros and cons versus a shingle or shake roofing system. Pros Durability: While asphalt shingles last 12-20 years, metal [...]

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