Is Moss on the Roof a Problem?

Some roofs, called green roofs, are specially designed to house moss and other plants. But, if you live in a typical home with a shingle roof, you don’t have a green roof. Or you shouldn’t, which means any moss you find growing on your roof could be a problem. We’ll discuss how moss damages your [...]

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6 Causes of Overflowing Rain Gutters

Have you ever had an overflowing rain gutter ruin the landscaping beneath it? Over the long term, water from overflowing gutters can damage your home’s foundation too. So, it essential to figure out why your gutters aren’t doing their job. Here are the six causes of overflowing rain gutters and what you should do about [...]

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The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

Getting more natural light into their home is a priority for many homeowners. Skylights aren’t just trendy—they have become a longstanding staple of home improvement projects, likely due to the huge health and mood benefits they bring. Never mind that natural light makes a room look larger and emphasizes the fresh and clean aspects of [...]

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