Have you noticed there is a lot of leaves and other debris in your gutters? It’s best to get this all cleaned up before the wet season when the debris could create a gutter clog and other roof problems. Though few people enjoy this chore, there are a few ways to clean your gutter quickly and thoroughly. Here are the five ways to clean gutters and remove leaves.

1. Use Hand Scoops

The most popular way to clean gutters is to don gloves, get out the ladder and a trash bag and head up to the gutters. Instead of just using your hands, choose a scoop-like tool that can help you get the job done more efficiently. Some options include:

  • Garden trowels
  • Salad tongs
  • Hand shovels
  • Gutter shovels

2. Use a Leaf Blower

When the leaves and other debris in the gutter are dry, you can simply use a leaf blower to remove the debris quickly. Although, it will end up all over your lawn when you’re done, so clean your gutters before you clean the rest of your landscaping. Also, we suggest you visually inspect the gutters afterwards, to make sure that no wet bits were left behind.

3. Use a Pressure Washer or Garden Hose

Water can flush the gutter system of any remaining debris after you’ve used a hand scoop or leaf blower to remove most of the debris. If there’s a lot leftover, the water may create a clog.

In fact, it’s always a wise idea to end your gutter cleaning by running water through them, to check for leaks. Note anywhere that the water drips out of the gutters or seems to overflow and get your roofer to fix the problem areas.

Just don’t use the pressure washer on a high setting when you flush the gutters. High pressure can rip down the gutter, strip the gutter’s paint, and damage the shingles. A garden hose works just as well as your pressure washer.

4. Use a Wet Shop Vacuum

Your household vacuum can’t tackle the gutters, but a wet shop vacuum probably can. Just be sure to remove large branches and debris that is too big to fit in the vacuum’s hose before you start. A wet shop vacuum can pick up any wet leaves, pine needles, or other small debris in the gutters. Using a shop vac is the fastest way to clean your gutters and remove leaves, especially if they are a bit wet.

5. Use a Plumber’s Snake

It may be helpful to clean your gutters with a plumber’s snake if you have a clog in the downspouts. Simple plumber’s snakes can bring the leaves back up and resolve most clogs. Just don’t try to force the clog down, it’s best to pull it back up.

The Best Solution is Prevention

Don’t want to deal with a bunch of leaves in your gutters? Our team can install gutter covers to keep your gutters running and make cleanout a breeze. Learn more about our gutter cover installation services or call today to speak with a roofer.